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26th June 2023
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If you have had your house up for sale in Littleborough for some time and are struggling to find a buyer, there could be several reasons why it is not selling. Instead of feeling frustrated and giving up on selling altogether, consider these potential factors and our expert advice on how to address them:

Your Asking Price Is Too High One common reason for properties not selling quickly is an inflated asking price. Consult with your estate agent, who should be able to recommend a price that aligns with the current market conditions. If you're not in a rush to sell, you can hold out for a higher price, but it may be necessary to lower it at some point to attract buyers.

Your Home's Appeal Falls Short During Viewings After living in your home for a while, it can be challenging to see it from a buyer's perspective. Your personal taste in décor may not resonate with everyone, so consider redecorating with neutral colors to broaden its appeal.

Curb appeal plays a vital role in creating a positive first impression. Ensure the exterior of your property is well-maintained, including removing any weeds from the pathway, mowing the grass, and tidying up any potential eyesores.

Clutter can also discourage potential buyers. A cluttered home can make it seem smaller than it actually is, so declutter as much as possible. Consider clearing out unnecessary items, donating them to charity, or temporarily storing furniture and toys while your property is on the market. Adequate lighting in each room is essential, and address any minor issues like broken door handles or marks on walls.

Your Listing Doesn't Showcase Your Home Effectively Prospective buyers rely on property portals and other listings to find their ideal homes. If your listing fails to do justice to your house, it can significantly impact the level of interest it generates.

For instance, if there are no floor plans or if the agent uses poor-quality or no photos, it can deter potential buyers. A weak description or failure to highlight the property's potential (such as expansion possibilities) may also contribute to the lack of interest.

To improve your listing, consider hiring professional photographers and utilizing staging services to make your house more visually appealing to potential buyers.

Your Home Is Not Featured on Key Property Portals The more online exposure your property receives, the greater the chance of finding a buyer. If your home is not advertised on major property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla, you're missing out on a large pool of potential buyers.

Furthermore, it's crucial that your estate agent's website ranks high on Google in the Littleborough area, ensuring more people discover your property online. The website should feature high-quality photos and descriptions that entice viewers. A comprehensive marketing strategy from a reputable high-street agent typically includes prominent "For Sale" signage, window displays, and local/national newspaper advertisements.

Your Estate Agent Isn't Performing Well Choosing the right estate agent is crucial and can significantly impact the time it takes to sell your house and the sale price you achieve. A competent estate agent will offer guidance on preparing your property to impress viewers, effectively market your house to generate more viewings, and attract buyers likely to make offers.

You're Part of a Lengthy Property Chain Being part of a long property chain is a common reason for house sales falling through. Prospective buyers may be deterred due to concerns about potential complications. Offering a chain-free sale, where you move into a rented property before purchasing a new one, can instill confidence in buyers that the transaction will proceed smoothly.

Your Property's Mortgage Accessibility Is Limited Unusual or non-standard properties can pose challenges for buyers seeking a mortgage. For example, lenders may decline mortgages for houses built with non-standard materials or eco-homes. Properties with underpinning may also face difficulties in obtaining mortgage approval.

Current Market Conditions Make Buyers Cautious The state of the housing market has a significant impact on property sales. If the market has slowed down, either nationally or locally in Littleborough, buyers may become more cautious. Consult with your estate agent to determine the market absorption rate, indicating how many months it takes for houses to sell in your area. A high absorption rate suggests a buyer's market rather than a seller's market.

Timing Might Not Be Optimal for Selling The property market follows an annual pattern, with slower sales during certain times of the year. For example, few people actively search for houses in the lead-up to Christmas, but the market usually picks up again at the beginning of the year. Therefore, it may be more favorable to sell during these periods.

You've Accepted Inappropriate Offers If you have previously accepted offers that fell through, it could be a result of accepting the wrong offers. Your estate agent should qualify buyers before they submit an offer. This qualification process typically involves verifying that they possess a mortgage in principle and have the financial means to proceed with the purchase.

When facing challenges in selling your home, seek feedback from your estate agent to gain insights into why your property isn't selling as quickly as desired. If the estate agent's service is inadequate, it might be time to consider switching to a new agent.

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