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About Face to Face Estate Agents

Established in 2004, we work from our offices in Littleborough & Todmorden covering Rochdale and surrounding areas such as Hebden Bridge, Bacup, Oldham & Heywood. We have a well-earned local reputation for delivering unmatched Customer Service and aim to make any Property process as stress-free as possible.

Property Sales, Lettings & Mortgage Services are available at our branches with skilled, local agents that you can count on to take care of your property. We are here for you whether you need a quick Sale, looking for your next home or searching for a trustworthy tenant. We hope you can benefit from a one-stop shop for property services. Our name was chosen to support one of our key principles of providing an accessible, approachable service.


About Face to Face Estate Agents

Why Opt for Face to Face Littleborough as Your Estate Agent?

Captivating Property Listings to Captivate Potential Buyers

We excel at crafting property listings that make your home stand out from the crowd. With a variety of tailored marketing packages, you have the power to select enticing elements to attract buyers or tenants. Alongside our expert photography, you can opt for professional videography, detailed floorplans, and even captivating 3D representations that beckon viewers to experience it firsthand.

Maximize Exposure to Engage Active Buyers or Tenants, Swiftly

Our meticulous marketing strategies and strategic property placements ensure your home reaches a wide audience of interested individuals. We extend your property's visibility across prime platforms such as Rightmove, Zoopla, and OnTheMarket. Additionally, we actively share your property with our expansive database of eager buyers and tenants who are actively seeking a residence like yours. The result? Increased clicks, viewings, and a speedier sale or lease.

Elevate Success with Accompanied Viewings

Experience a hassle-free journey as we handle all property viewings on your behalf. Our seasoned agents expertly showcase your property, allowing you to avoid the stress of personally guiding visitors through your home. Research underscores the effectiveness of accompanied viewings in doubling your likelihood of securing an offer.

Stay Informed Every Step of the Way

We recognize the frustration of being left in the dark regarding your property's progress. That's why we go the extra mile to keep you well-informed. Expect regular updates and calls from our dedicated team, allowing you to you effortlessly track upcoming viewings, peruse feedback, from listing commencement to successful completion.

Tailored Lettings Packages for Landlords

Our lettings packages are designed to accommodate your unique needs. Whether you're seeking a tenant-find-only service, rent collection, or comprehensive managed let, we provide flexible options to cater to your preferences. Rest assured, we keep you abreast of the latest government regulations and guidance, offering you invaluable peace of mind.

Discover Your Property's Value, On Us

Curious about your property's worth? We offer a complimentary property valuation service. Choose between our online assessment for a preliminary estimate or invite us for an in-person evaluation to provide you with a precise and accurate appraisal.

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