Resolving Common Rental Disputes in Rochdale: Tips from Face to Face Estate Agents

19th June 2023
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Are you a tenant or landlord facing rental home issues or strained relationships? Dealing with such challenges can be stressful, but at Face to Face Estate Agents, we're here to help you find solutions to common rental disputes in Rochdale. Follow these tips to resolve your concerns effectively.

Addressing Repairs, Maintenance, and Damp Problems

One of the most frequent disputes between landlords and tenants revolves around repairs and maintenance. Generally, landlords are responsible for handling these tasks, unless they have a property management company in place. Regardless, landlords have an obligation to maintain a habitable property and promptly address any issues that arise.

Tenants should remember that they are responsible for any damage they cause. However, if they identify a problem unrelated to their actions, they must submit a written request for repairs. The property's initial condition, as recorded in the inventory, often determines liability. It's essential to consider the severity of the issue: while a broken boiler warrants contacting the landlord, minor tasks like replacing a light bulb can be handled by the tenant.

Dampness is another common concern tied to repairs and maintenance. Determining responsibility can be challenging as the source of dampness is not always apparent. Condensation damp, usually caused by drying clothes indoors without proper ventilation, falls under the tenant's responsibility. On the other hand, rising and penetrating damp are typically the landlord's accountability, as they involve the property's exterior and structure.

If a tenant discovers dampness, they must gather evidence to prove it is not caused by their actions. They should promptly communicate the situation to the landlord or letting agent. In severe cases, tenants can contact the local council's environmental health department, which can assist the landlord in addressing the issue.

Navigating Pet-Related Disputes

Landlords usually specify pet policies in the tenancy agreement. While blanket bans on pets are not allowed, landlords can refuse pets they consider unsuitable for their property—for instance, a large dog in a small flat or multiple pets. The tenancy agreement will clearly outline such restrictions.

If a tenant keeps a pet in the property without obtaining prior approval, they technically breach the contract. In such cases, the landlord may request the tenant to vacate the premises. Therefore, it is crucial for tenants to seek their landlord's consent before acquiring a pet or looking after someone else's. If the landlord agrees, written permission should be added to the tenancy agreement.

Handling Rental Payments and Deposits

Tenants facing difficulties in paying rent or foreseeing a late payment should proactively contact the landlord or letting agent. By communicating honestly and providing advance notice, tenants increase the likelihood of finding alternative solutions. Failure to inform the landlord and missing payments constitutes a breach of contract, potentially resulting in fees and legal action for continuous non-payment.

Another financial concern for both tenants and landlords pertains to deposits. A tenant's deposit can only be withheld if they have missed rental payments or caused damage to the property or its items. Normal wear and tear cannot be a reason to retain the deposit. On the day the tenancy agreement ends, tenants should document the property's condition through photographs. If the landlord has a property management team, they will also conduct an inspection.

If a landlord believes that the deposit should not be refunded in full, they must provide a clear explanation and specify the deducted amount. In turn, tenants can obtain repair quotes for any damages and attempt to reach a resolution. If disagreements persist, the deposit protection scheme can offer assistance.

Choose Face to Face Estate Agents for Your Rental Needs in Rochdale

For the past 15 years, Face to Face Estate Agents has been supporting both landlords and tenants in Rochdale. When you choose to let or rent through us, you gain access to our comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire process. Additionally, we offer property management services, alleviating landlords' concerns and enabling them to enjoy the benefits of property investment. Should you have any inquiries about our services or available rental properties, please visit our Church Street office or contact us today by phone.

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