What do we look for during property inspections?

While you’re leasing a property, it is common practice for the property manager to carry out routine inspections. These may be as often as every three months, but usually occur once every six months.   We provide an initial 3 month report, and every 6 months subsequently, these are important for both the owner and the […]

It’s almost been a year since our re-brand!

Face2Face Estate Agents hailed a successful year since our re-brand during the summer months last year It’s been almost a year since we re-branded back to ‘Face2Face Estate Agents’, and although our look changed, our vision and values remained the same. Managing director Jonathan Swire says “We decided to re-brand because our company needed to […]

Old vs New Properties: Pros and Cons

There are usually two categories a buyer will fall into; Those who are really interested in Victorian houses with character and original features and those who favour the fresh, low maintenance and Eco-friendly new builds. Whatever your preference is, this guide will help you weigh up all the information and make the right buying decision. […]

Want to Attract Millennials Renters?

If you own or are looking to buy an investment property, there’s a very good chance you’ll be renting to a millennial (those born between 80s – mid 90s). Unemployment, student loan debts, being unable to secure a mortgage and overall uncertainty suggests this age group is likely to be renting for longer than ever. So if […]

Leasing your property: Managing yourselves vs through an agent

Should I manage my property myself or use an agent? This is a really important question for any investor with tenants. ‘Managing myself vs. Lettings Manager’ is a fairly easy question to decide on. Here are some of the most important things to base your decision on: How much time do you have? This is […]

How using social media can help sell your home

Social Media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are used to share what we do throughout our day… …so why wouldn’t we use it to tell everyone about a home up for sale? After all, social media has grown to become one of the most powerful tools for advertising, as well as the new, digital version of word-of-mouth. […]

What does Exchange of Contracts mean…

…and why is it important? People tend to think that once they have an offer accepted on a property they’ve bought it, however, this is in fact just the start of the process which can be lengthy. After agreeing terms & conditions, the lawyers get to work, undertaking searches, preparing the contract for sale, arranging the […]

Registering deposits with the Deposit Protection Scheme

Client Money Protection is to be mandatory of letting agents in England that handle client money In a move that the Government says will safeguard private sector rents paid by tenants to agents In a move that will ensure that every estate agent is offering the same level of protection for tenants and landlords, the […]