Trick or treat?

In the spirit of Halloween, we look at 5 treats and 5 tricks that you should look for when searching for your next home! Treats… Land you didn’t know you owned. You thought that vacant strip of land at the bottom of the garden belonged to your neighbour. Now he assures you it is all yours. It may sound […]

How we get an accurate and realistic valuation on your property

rochdale, littleborough, todmorden property valuation

Marketing your property at the right price is key to selling your home What your property is valued at matters. Get it wrong and it might sell for less than the property is worth. Or, on the flipside, it might not sell at all. There are various methods estate agents use to determine the value of a home. The […]

Understanding rental yield and capital growth

If you’re thinking of investing in property you’re probably looking for two things: a regular income (rental yield) and for the value of the property you buy to increase over a period of time (capital growth). What is rental yield? Quite simply, rental yield is the return you are making, or expect to make, on a […]

What buy-to-let properties should you invest in?

A guide for potential landlords thinking of investing in a buy-to-let property The buy-to-let property market is a much more sophisticated place to invest than it used to be, and first-time landlords now face a big stack of investment options. This includes different hues of tenants, types of properties and a variety of locations, all of which […]

An insight into first time buyers of new and existing homes

First time buyer numbers have grown in the last 5 years Analysis by Hometrack shows that first time buyers of new and existing homes accounted for 36% of all housing sales in the UK in 2016 compared to 26% in 2011. See below for the profile descriptions of first time buyers. Zoopla recently commissioned comprehensive research […]

FAQ’s for Selling your property

Some of the most frequently asked questions when selling a property, answered. How do you determine how much my home is worth? There are a handful of methods that estate agents use to determine the value of a home. The most common method to determining the value of a home is by completing a comparative market analysis. A comparative […]